Pre-Post Natal Exercise

Are you pregnant?  Just had your baby?  Pregnancy does not handicap you but you do have special needs to be addressed while trying to stay fit to keep you safe both prior and post baby.  For example, during pregnancy your body produces a hormone called "Relaxin".  Relaxin is designed to help lubricate joints so labor is easier.  When joints become too "lax" your risk of injury increases.  When working out, you may also experience that you have more range of motion than what you had before you were pregnant thus you may try and push yourself harder.  We advise our clients not to push beyond their pre pregnancy limits to stay safe. 


Here are some fitness tips for Moms to be


1.  Always check with your Doctor prior to any fitness routine.


2.  When you exercise you burn calories so make sure you eat well to help build your stronger body.  While pregnant you will naturally gain weight as your baby grows.  Your Doctor can help you determine what is a healthy weight balance for you to keep.  Some Moms need to watch for too much weight gain while others need to actually gain while pregnant.  We are all different.  We will only help assist your Doctors orders!  


3.  Plenty of water always.


4.  Always warming up and cooling down before and after workouts.


5.  No high impact workouts or sports. 


6.  No heavy deep muscle/joint movements.


7.  No lying flat on your back.  


8.  Avoid elevating your heart rate to the point of overheating.  Keep things smooth and steady and most of all in control.  You can save that crazy stuff for afterwards.


9.  Most of all, you will need to listen to your body.  Every Mom is different.  Just because Sally did it all does not mean Barb can too.  Each labor and delivery plan is different much like each of your fitness plans are different.  



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