Near or far, our program can be accomplished 100% online!  


Do you want your own personal trainer and nutrition coach to help you achieve your goals?  If a trainer at your local gym is too expensive or if you are not gaining momentum in your current program, you have come to the right place!  Ditch the treadmill and gain the confidence and skills it takes to achieve the lifestyle you envision for yourself with FITQUEST by Maria Marques Fitness.  Our online fitness and nutrition program designed to help you accomplish your goals without restrictive dieting and countless hours at the gym.



What to expect *******************************************************


  • A STRUCTURED fitness & nutrition program coached by the owner Maria Marques
  • You will discover how eating clean whole foods and using your Isagenix can free you from restrictive dieting.
  • Learn to customize your nutrition towards your goals  
  • Learn the correct ways to workout and amp up your physique.  Build muscle, weight loss, overall health, whichever your goal, get your body working for you and hit goals! 
  • Learn to build healthy thoughts, apply action, build habits, and gain momentum this time once and for all
  • Best of all, this program is for all levels including beginners!  Learn as you go and progress as needed.
  • You won't ever have to wonder around the gym not knowing what to do.  We have it covered!  
  • Be guided & coached by Maria Marques Fitness elite coaches who have not only been able to reach their own goals but have helped hundreds of other men and women reach theirs as well.
  • Your workout programs are 4-5 resistance-training days along with 3-5 cardio sessions.  We always suggest doing high intensity interval cardios (HIIT) so we provide your HIIT Cardio programs as well.  You'll have all the tools you need!  You will not be spending hours a day at the gym!!!!


We are sharing this 

ONLINE FITNESS & NUTRITION program to promote fueling the body with whole foods and nutrients as well as the best products in the world, ISAGENIX.  Although 

Isagenix is not mandatory for this program & is not suggested for certain programs, supplementing Isagenix nutrition does enhance results and makes life easy.   



What you will get *****************************************************

  • Each month you will receive weekly structured progressive strength training workouts
  • Each month you will receive your functional workouts
  • Each month you will receive your cardio programs
  • Meal planner guide to help you plan your custom meals
  • 30-day suggested meal planner to help you get started
  • Receive weekly to bi-weekly private check-ins with your coaches working towards your specific goals - ACCOUNTABILITY
  • Weekly Facebook live videos providing various coaching topics based on our groups needs
  • Video demos of exercises
  • Access to our Clean Eating Lifestyle group which is all about food & recipes
  • Have PRIVATE access to our members only CLOSED Facebook group which  gives you direct access to our team and elite coaches.  It is filled with a beautiful strong and super supportive community of like minded people just like you!  You will have the best of both worlds, one on one attention along with a great community!  INSPIRATION 


Countless people have literally fallen in love with our clean whole food nutrition program, our nutrition coaching, and our fitness programs.  We know first hand that eating clean foods is often not enough to get you to your goal.  Detours like cravings, lack of sleep, minimal recovery from workouts and stress, can all detract from living the lifestyle we all crave.


 Our team has never felt or looked better and now we want to help you feel the same way!  We want you to build amazing healthy habits in your lifestyle!  The program is simple to follow!   


Remember to not feel overwhelmed and if you are struggling, reach out to us! We are here! ....and we are really good at it!


So lets get ready for our FITQUEST to dieting freedom!



How do I get started? ***********************************************


There are 3 programs to choose from


****Current FITQUESTERS receive exclusive membership.  You receive our ONE ON ONE FITQUEST treatment at our GROUP rate of $49 with not set up fee! ****



$99 One time initial payment for your custom program set up

$199/mo per month 

This program offers you all you see above PLUS weekly one on one private feedback & check-ins with Maria dialing in on your specific goals




Cost of your ISAGENIX system!

This program offers all you see above but with NO one on one feedback & check-ins, just the group support and coaching from Maria



After you SIGN UP please save our email in your contact to ensure we do not end up in your junk.  We will be adding you to our special Facebook group as well and sending you some much needed information to get started!





Once you have registed for our FITQUEST EMAIL & SIGN UP and are fully registered, you will recieve a few email with in 25-48 hours with all of the details on how we will get started!


We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


Please share with your friends and your family!


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