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Maria Marques

Westford Owner 


Advanced Certified Personal Trainer

Nutritional Coach

Accountability Partner

Weight Loss Specialist

Body Transformation 

Business Mentor




Specializing in 

- nutrition

- weight loss 

- body transformations

- building muscle

- improving quality of life


"I am committed to you, your goals, and your lifestyle!"


I believe that the secret to the ultimate version of ones true health is consistency, accountability, dedication, determination, and balance.  These beliefs of fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness are key to making the ultimate health and wellness plan for yourself.  I believe in changing ones lifestyle and not relying on yo yo fad diets alone.  I am 100% committed and determined on helping my clients meet their physical fitness and nutritional goals.  With a motivational and an educational approach, I WILL hold you accountable so that you CAN achieve your life changing rewards. 


With a childhood of weight management issues of my own, being introduced to weight watchers at the age of 12, suffering through adolescence with body image and self-esteem issues I chose to lead a healthier lifestyle.  My life was then dedicated to years of playing softball, a part of the swim team, years of resistance training, and personal goals of my own.  I feel I can relate first hand to each situation giving 100% of my committed attention and dedication. 


While keeping nutrition, cooking, fitness, and lifestyle changes custom for each of my clients, together we can find what WILL once and for all be your lifetime upkeep method of TRUE fitness & nutrition.  I will help educate you on your nutrition, your fitness, and help you create meals that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime.  My challenge to you is find your favorite yummy cheat meal and I will help you create an every day option for you and your family to feel proud about!


I hold the Advanced Certified Personal Trainers Certification from TWCC-ACPT and hold my diploma in the Theory and Practice of Personal Training and Nutrition from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI).


I am committed to you, your goals, and your lifestyle!


I am your accountability!


I look forward to meeting you!


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Coach Kelli

Kelli Sayre 
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Nutrition Coach
Currently Interning at MMF
I became a personal trainer because I want to help everybody find the joy that being fit can give them in their own lives. I want people to know that they CAN reach their fitness goals with someone to help show them the way and cheer them on. I'm in your corner, and I can't wait to help you find YOUR fit! 
Get to know Kelli...
For most of my life, I chased wanting to be "skinny" in all the wrong ways. I tried diet after diet, and tried to get my body in shape by doing the only thing I knew how to do, run on a treadmill. Since I didn't enjoy that much, I could never seem to be consistent enough to see changes in my body. I even had gastric bypass surgery in 2001, which had major complications at the time and still causes me issues today as I can't absorb certain nutrients our bodies need. When I found myself gaining weight again after having gone through so much, I was in a very dark place and knew things had to change. 
I decided to step off the treadmill and out of my comfort zone and I signed up for a "boot camp" class. We marked progress by how many push-ups and sit-ups we could do, as well as how fast we could run a mile. We tested at the beginning and end of the 8 week class, and for the first time my focus shifted away from weight loss and I started to see results in new ways. Not only was I able to get better at push-ups and sit-ups, but since I committed to giving it my best for those 8 weeks, the consistency began to change my body in ways I didn't expect. One day, I noticed as I was walking in a mall that my posture was better. I went to a water park with friends and could climb ALL of the stairs without being winded or tired. I wasn't in a bikini, but I felt comfortable in a bathing suit for the first time in my life. When a friend asked, "Do you want to go hiking?", I was able to say "Yes!" because I knew I could do it. I had found my FIT! 
I finally realized that I'd been chasing the wrong thing, and that fitness was about so much more than just losing weight. Being fit allows me to DO things and be part of the active life I want to live. I now have a young daughter and I am conscious of being a role model to her of how to take care of our bodies because we love them and all that they do for us. I love being able to play with her, do the monkey bars at the park, and pick her up in my arms though she's 8 years old! 

Barbara Holdrook - Yoga for the Senses




Hello, my name is Barbara and I am a recovering borderline-OCD perfectionist over-achieving Virgo! I have been on a journey to find peace of mind, contentment, and a less stress for over 10 years - and the good news is, it’s all there for the taking! I’ve made my way into teaching meditation and yoga because I am a walking billboard for their effectiveness, and it appears that it’s my calling to share what I’ve learned with others (mostly women, but men and kids, too). I believe that a holistic approach to health includes a variety of ways to find strength and flexibility in both body and mind. Incorporating principles of yoga into any fitness program will exponentially improve your results. The same applies to your everyday life. I invite you to try it and see for yourself.

Evening Yoga for All Your Senses

Do-do-do, go-go-go, all day long: we are masters of getting stuff done and making things happen. But what about taking time to rest, restore, rejuvenate, realign, and reboot? Everything works better when you unplug it for a moment - even people! Take a moment to catch your breath, be fully present in your body, and refill your cup, and notice what happens. 

This 60-minute class is a well-rounded evening flow to transition from the busy-ness of the day to the productive restoration of the night. We’ll stretch and release tension from the body as well as delight the senses and calm the mind. Take this time to find your center, feel more balanced, unwind, and reconnect with your most powerful asset: your ability to show up for your life day after day with clarity and focus.




Julie Henderson - Coach - NASM 

Julie has a mission to help people find their best self! Through a well-balanced diet designed to fit your lifestyle and training regiments that will help you reach your goals, she is here to help you achieve the life you have always wanted for yourself! 


She is motivated by her clients drive to put themselves first, and their ability to love their body at every phase of personal development! She is here to push you to improve through core and joint stabilization, improving muscle imbalances, increasing ROM, muscular endurance, improve strength, decreasing body fat, increasing power, functional training and much more! 


Julie is very passionate about nutrition, and what you can do with it to change your body! She loves being colorful and creative with her food and utilizing proper nutrient timing to fuel her goals! Fitness and nutrition is the dual combo that can change your body and mental state for the better! She believes mind set is everything, your body will only push itself as the mind will let it. Once you train your mind your body will follow. 


Julie is a 22 year old dental hygiene student at Mount Wachusett Community College. She also achieved her CPR/AED certification though the American Red Cross. 

Julie is a NASM certified personal trainer. Her passion for science shines through her training technique. She loves the human body and is fascinated about what we can do with a little bit of dedication and consistency! Her clients are her motivation and she plans to compete in bikini competitions in the future. 


Julie is not only her to train you, she is here to inspire you to be your best every day and guide you throughout your journey to overall health! She wants to see her clients succeed and reach their goals because that's what truly makes her happy! She believes in creating a positive environment for each and every client through not only physical health and nutrition but mental health as well! 

A funny fact about Julie is that she absolutely loves tiny houses! She and her boyfriend aspire to build their own! Tiny gym anyone?! 


Julie and her boyfriend Kyle love to kayak and hike in their spear time. Basically anything outdoors that involves soaking up the sun! Their passion for health and fitness is a huge part of their relationship. They are both NASM CPTs, they have an ultimate goal of opening up our own training studio and expanding business for online training as well. As high school sweethearts we have grown together and trained together and now Julie wants to help you reach your goals! Let's do this, let's evolve together!

Brittany Smith                                          ACSM - ACE - Yoga                                

Brittany is on the pursuit to help clients achieve a healthy lifestyle in a proactive and holistic manner. With a passion for health and wellness, combined with a background in education/healthcare, Brittany's resources allow her to tailor programs to clients' individual needs in order to achieve the most efficient and effective results.


Brittany comes to us with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Nutrition from University of Massachusetts Lowell. Always interested in health, she has worked in a Physical Therapy office, a Cardiac Rehabilitation clinic and is currently working as a medical assistant at a local hospital. Brittany is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Instructor, and certified as both an ACE Group Fitness Instructor and ACSM Exercise Physiologist. Her education background, certifications and work history give her a great foundation for delivering optimal advice and programs. Brittany is looking to share the tools required to achieve a healthful lifestyle with those in need. Brittany emphasizes correct form, injury prevention and an approach to well-being that is more tangible than diets and programs hot off the press.


 A self-proclaimed professional adventurer, you can find Brittany in the ocean, on a mountain or seeking any sort of adrenaline rush in her free time. She balances her active lifestyle by practicing yoga and binge watching Game of Thrones.


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