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Maria Marques Fitness (formally knows as Skinnyschool Fitness Studio) is a boutique fitness and nutrition studio in Westford, MA that aims at creating a unique approach towards nutrition and fitness.


Maria Marques Fitness crafts personal training & nutrition to help each client transform their lifestyles to live happier and healthier.  Our personal trainers and nutritional coaches prepare personalized plans for each client by configuring specific meal plans with customized nutritional coaching and creating fitness programs that are designed based on our clients needs.  Keeping in consideration their nutrition and fitness goals, we keep are able to find the right solution for all.


We focus more on how we feel about fitness and nutrition.  We do not focus on numbers on the scale and we are not calorie counting crazies. 


Our carefully designed, personalized custom plans have helped many not only in achieving their desired weight and targeted fitness goals but also in boosting energy levels, strengthening the immune system, purging the mind from stress and depression, and transforming overall lifestyles.  One of our foremost goals at Maria Marques Fitness is to provide a supportive, stress-free, and focused environment for those who are not very fond of typical gyms.


The idea is to impact more influence on our clients’ life, through educating them more thoroughly about fitness and nutrition and introducing them to plans they can follow throughout their week rather than just a few hours with a trainer.  Our focus is to help clients understand the dynamic of how fitness and nutrition synergize together to bring greater outcomes.  To achieve this purpose, not only do we instill elite fitness programs, we work with our clients to fundamentally change the way they perceive nutrition, and help them cook and eat their favorite meals in a bit revised form.  


Our fitness studio is one platform for all fitness levels from beginning to advanced. Our fitness studio was actually created to deliver a message of aiming to create a healthy and happy life that comes after achieving a complete well-being.


When you are fit you feel good and when you feel good life becomes better.


Come Join Maria Marques Fitness to revive the zest in your life and achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Proudly Serving Westford, Littleton, Acton, Groton, Billerica, & Chelmsford MA.  Offering Group Training Classes, Personal Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.

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