If you are suffering from Sciatica, disk issues, knee pain, hip pain, need help managing stress, are post physical therapy, pregnant, have Arthritis, or simply just want to feel and look better, we can help you build a better healthier lifestyle specifically for your needs. Our personal trainers take pride in helping clients achieve maximum results! 


One on One Personal Training (1Client) Offers one on one time with your personal trainer targeting all of your needs with no distractions.  


Partner Training (2 Clients) offers a great option for clients looking for personal training.  Partner personal training is financially friendly and clients are able to schedule times that are better suited for their specific schedules.  


Specific Personal Training Programs Include

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Stress & Sleep Managment
  • Nutriton Coaching
  • Meal Planning
  • Pain Aanagement
  • Post Physical Therapy Transition
  • Pre-Post Natal Exercise
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain & Muscle Tone
  • Body Transformation


Each Client Starts With A Studio Tour

During the initial meeting we discuss injury history, training history, medical history, goals, nutrition and the general lifestyle of the client.  We also address any questions you may have for us.  We will then conduct a mini fitness evaluation to discover strengths, weaknesses, and test specific functional movements to best determine body mechanics and overall function.  After your evaluation we discuss possible recommendations for which program suits your needs best.  Approval from your Doctor or Physical Therapist may be required.


 We want you to make the best decision for yourself.


Personal Training Clients:

Once we have established a baseline, we are able to identify which exercises to use in your personal training sessions that will be most effective in helping restore proper movement and to work towards your goals. Each client will be retested every 4 weeks, to track their progress and to evaluate their program.


We develop a personal training program designed to meet each individual client’s specific needs. We believe in providing fun and challenging personal training sessions that cover a combination of the following: balance, mobility, flexibility, muscle activation & adaptations, strength training, and metabolic conditioning.


Client Nutrition:

Nutrition is one of the most important areas of focus.  We provide our clients with a complete well-rounded nutrition program offering one on one nutritional coaching and online meal planning.  


We guide you into a healthier nutritional lifestyle by helping you make better choices, improve your cooking, and help incorporate preparation into your daily routines, plan meals, create shopping lists and more.


Our philosophy is to help you jumpstart your body into living healthy and reducing your body’s dependence on processed foods, artificial flavors and sweeteners.  No diet or miracle pill, just a healthy balanced way of living.


What's left is a diet rich in clean and unprocessed foods, more energy and knowledge about what your body needs to work at it’s best - so you can expect to feel renewed and refreshed.






We will not pressure you in any way!




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