Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training (3-8 Clients)


Our group personal training classes are designed to free you of any plateau and keep you excited and interested!  Group personal training classes are suited for members who are physically able to be more independent with movement and who thrive in a small group setting.  Members of all fitness levels are able to experience well-rounded and balanced personalized training sessions programmed by our professional wellness team.  


We help you

- Establish your baseline

- Retest your fitness goals each month

- Thrive with a focused personalized approach at a more affordable price

- Group personal training is combined with our full Online Meal Planning & Nutrition programs!

-  Maximize your results for health, weight loss, muscle building, and overall balance.  


Members must be evaluated and cleared for physical readiness prior to.  If you live in Westford or surrounding areas you should come by for a free class!  You will love it!


Want to add one on one Personal Training to your routine?  Find out how here!


We provide a complete periodization of classes so that you may target each muscle group on a well designed schedule.  Members reserve classes online for an easy and convenient attendance!  Serving Westford and surrounding areas!


What Is A Group Personal Training Class?


Our group personal training classes are developed for the person who is a little more independent and who thrives in a smaller group setting from 3 - 8 clients. 


Classes are modified for all fitness levels and experiences.


Each 60-minute class consists of a well-rounded total body experience focusing on major muscle groups including strength, conditioning, cardio, balance, mobility, and flexibility.


Class Breakdown


Dynamic Warm-up & Movement Prep:

The start of each class our personal trainers warm you up using movements that are designed to prepare you for the current workout. 


Strength Training:  We focus total body strength using all types of resistance performing multi joint movements for maximum caloric burn.  Monthly schedules reflect each class’s targeted focus.


Target Zone:  Depending on the day, each class allows for a Target muscle or pair for extra strength and conditioning. 


Metabolic Conditioning:

Using our body weight and resistance we take you through a high intensity sequence using timed high/low intervals.


Cool Down & Stretch


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